Esma Dereboy


Esma Dereboy is one of the most prominent ceramic artists of recent times.

The adventure that began in 2008, coupled with her passion for innovation, led her to explore various ceramic production techniques. Thanks to this innovative approach, Esma Dereboy became the first artist to use the embossed technique in the field of ceramics.

With the technique she developed in her own studio, she created unique works of art. Her curiosity for innovation and her passion for clay resurfaced in 2018 with handmade porcelain tableware products.

The porcelain products consist of modern, minimal, sustainable tableware sets. Different colours and forms breathe new life into each table, allowing for various concepts and, to some extent, your creativity to reignite.

With Esma Dereboy porcelain, every table tells a story, holding a unique narrative that is solely yours.​

All meticulously crafted handmade products produced in her own studio are available in prestigious stores in Turkey and many countries around the world.

Esma Dereboy
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