As being Esma Dereboy Tasarım Ltd. Şti. (the Company), we give a great care for the safety of your personal data.

In this context  it is our priority to process any kind of personal data belongs to any real person related

to our Company including the persons benefitting from our products and services in compliance with the provisions of Constitution of Turkish Republic

and the international human rights conventions of which Turkey is a party, Law numbered 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK")

and any other related legislations and enabling the efficient usage of the rights of the persons whose data are processed.

This disclosure is made in order to inform you about the processes performed pursuant to the provisions of KVKK.


Under the frame of the law, personal data is defined as any kind of information that belongs to a real person whose ID is known or can be determined;

and processing personal data is defined as the transactions performed on the data like obtaining, recording, storing, keeping, changing, rearrangement,

disclosure, transfer, having the transfer, making accessible, classification or avoiding usage of personal data by the methods which are automatic partially or

as a whole or with the methods that are not automatic provided to be a part of a data recording system.


By using our website and/or benefitting/demanding to benefit from the services we rendered or in any other case,

as being the data owner, you are being informed about the processing of your personal data with this Policy and you are deemed confirmed the collection,

processing or transfer of your data as it is explained herein.  



Aims of Personnel Data Processing and its Legal Basis 

Your personal data are collected from the sources like your visits to our web site or mobile applications, your sharing at telephone or e-mail communications, your visits to our work place.


In case of subscription to newsletters announcing our services and campaigns,

purchase a product from the site and applications or cancellation of a product purchase; in order to render better services to you,

we need some personal data like name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, sex, data of birth, personal interests, ID information,

invoice and delivery addresses, you IP address used to access to our website, your user name and password, credit/bank card number,

its valid by date and security number, information about the person receiving the order, your computer connection information like your username and password used for our website,

type and version of the internet browser you use, your operation system, information about the website directing you to our website and your shopping history,

province and district you live in and your occupation. Besides this information, mass statistical information not containing personal data like frequency and times of your visits to our shops,

order giving times are also processed in order to analyze visitor behaviors and preferences.  



Data Sharing and Transfer

Our company works in cooperation with intermediaries for some auxiliary works like performing the orders,

delivering the packages, rendering customer services, sending mails or e-mails, realizing credit card payment processes.

Your personal data are shared with these intermediaries in order to enable them to perform their duties in compliance with the provisions of law and we hereby declare that

such intermediaries cannot use this data for any other activity. 



Rights of Personal Data Owners

* Your rights under Article 11 of KVKK;


Learning whether your personal data is processed or not,

If your pe rsonal data has been processed, demanding information about this;

Learning the aim of personal data processing and if the data is used in compliance with this aim;

Learning the third persons to whom your personal data was transferred within Turkey or abroad;

If personal data was misprocessed or processed incompletely, demanding the required corrections;

Demanding deletion or destruction of personal data in compliance with the requirements listed in Article 7 of the relevant law;

Demanding the notification of deletion and destruction transactions to the third parties to whom personal data was transferred;

Objecting any conclusions against the person as a result of analyzing the processed data exclusively with automatic systems;

Demanding indemnification for any damages suffered due to processing of personal data in breach with law.


If you demand to delete or destroy any of your personal data required to be kept for a definite period of time due to legal requirements,

we hereby remind you that we can perform your demand only after the completion of the determined term due to legal requirements.


Pursuant to the provisions of KVKK legislations, you can submit your demand to us for using any of your rights listed above in written or

via any of other methods determined or to be determined by Personal Data Protection Board or any one of the channels given below.




You can submit your application by person or send via mail to ESMA DEREBOY TASARIM LTD. ŞTİ. / D100 Güney Yan yol Cad. No.25/2 Lapishan İş Merkezi Kartal -ISTANBUL 

together with the documents identifying your ID or call 0216 353 00 71 or send an e-mail to [email protected]











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