Esma Dereboy's plate sets collection adds an aesthetic touch to your tables with the grace of handmade porcelain. Each plate is meticulously shaped by skilled artisans' hands using porcelain. With Esma Dereboy, you will be amazed by the intricacies of handmade porcelain on your tables!

Enhance the Elegance of Your Table with Esma Dereboy Plate Sets

Environmentally friendly plate sets for daily use combine elegance and naturalness on your dining table. Sets consisting of different-sized items are carefully designed to suit various dishes. Thus, you experience a special moment on every occasion.

With the Mix&Match option, you can enrich your collection with complementary items such as bowls, table accessories, and cups. This special collection gives you the freedom to create a unique dining experience.

While each piece appeals to the eye with its elegance, it is also produced using eco-friendly materials, emphasizing a sustainable lifestyle. The plate sets collection offers a visual feast of colours to your tables with a wide range of colour options. The colour palette ranging from pastel tones to vibrant colours ensures that each plate set is aesthetically rich and attractive. With Esma Dereboy, your tables will turn into a dance of colours!

Special Designs for Special Moments

Esma Dereboy dinnerware has special designs to add meaning to your special moments. Ergonomic forms and practical features make these sets indispensable for daily use, while elegant details and aesthetic elements add privilege to your table. Experience both elegance and functionality with these sets. Immortalize your memories with Esma Dereboy plates on the tables you share with your loved ones, and rediscover the joy of your table. Make every meal special with the elegance of modern design, the eco-friendly touch of sustainability, and harmonious colour combinations!

Enrich your table with options suitable for every taste. Modern, classic, colourful, or minimalist; find a plate set that suits your taste within Esma Dereboy's extensive product range. Make every meal special!

Sets Bringing Aesthetics to the Table

To redefine your table setting and bring aesthetics to your table, Esma Dereboy's plate sets are captivating with different shapes and special designs. Stone, rectangular, square, and round plate sets, each carefully crafted with selected materials, add a modern touch to your table and offer ease of use.

Small, medium, and large-sized plates are ideal for different meals and presentations. This diversity makes the collection suitable for all kinds of needs, allowing you to personalize your table setting.

Each plate, carrying traces of art, turns your table into a gallery. The delicacy of handmade porcelain, colour harmonies, and minimalist designs make Esma Dereboy turn your dining experience into an artistic one.

  • Stone: Ideal for those who want to break away from the ordinary with its unique form, adding an artistic touch to your table. Each piece combines aesthetics and elegance to provide a special dining experience.
  • Rectangular: Ideal for those who love modern and elegant designs. It attracts attention with its straight lines and minimalist appearance, completing your table setting in an organized and contemporary manner.
  • Square: Adding a modern touch to your table for those seeking simplicity and elegance. Each piece provides a dazzling presentation with its elegance.
  • Round: Round plate sets are perfect for those who love classic and timeless designs. With its soft lines and graceful structure, each piece completes your table with a blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Esma Dereboy's plate sets collection appeals to different tastes and table arrangements, opening the doors to a special aesthetic layer for every moment. Elegance, simplicity, and uniqueness combine, turning your table into a work of art.

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