The story of each plate is woven with handcrafted textures carefully shaped by master craftsmen. Thus, each plate adds a special touch to your table. Our handmade porcelain plates not only create unique memories specific to your tables with their unique designs and special textures but also offer an aesthetic atmosphere.

Mini Plates


Dining tables hold a significant place in our daily lives. The meals we carefully prepare for ourselves and our loved ones enhance the value of the time we spend together. As the Esma Dereboy brand, we combine elegance and naturalness on your dining table with our sustainable and eco-friendly products. With mini plates, you can create unique dining experiences by forming personalized colour and shape combinations. With their aesthetic designs and versatile usage, you can elegantly complement your table at every meal.


Eco-Friendly Mini Plates Made with Natural Materials

As the Esma Dereboy brand, we produce our products using natural and eco-friendly materials. All of our mini plates are made from 100% handmade porcelain. This ensures both a natural and durable material selection. Natural porcelain is obtained from eco-friendly sources and does not harm the environment during the production process.


Aesthetic Designs Crafted with Handwork


Mini plates are meticulously crafted by our artisans. Each piece is shaped by hand using carefully selected materials. These handcrafted plates have unique and aesthetic designs. With soft lines, elegant touches, and eye-catching colours, they add naturalness and elegance to your table.


Personalized Combinations with Mix&Match Option


Esma Dereboy offers customers an experience where they can reflect their own style. The Mix&Match option allows you to create personalized combinations by bringing together mini plates of different colors and forms. By selecting colors and forms that suit your taste and decoration style, you can create a unique dining experience. This allows you to personalize your dining table and add more meaning to your special moments.


Add Elegance to Your Table with Versatility


Mini plates stand out with their versatile usage. They are ideal for serving jam or butter at breakfast, salad or sandwiches at lunch, and garnishes or snacks at dinner. They are also perfect for serving snacks at parties or special events. With their aesthetic designs and various combination options, you can elegantly complement your table at every meal.


Customize Your Tables with Esma Dereboy Assurance and Feel the Naturalness and Elegance at Every Meal!


Creative Presentations and Decorations with Various Size Plates

Discover Esma Dereboy's practical and versatile plates for your meal presentations and decorations! Offered in 8.5 cm, 11 cm, and 13.5 cm options, these plates allow you to beautifully present meals and snacks of various sizes. You can also make your tables and events even more special with different usage ideas.


8.5 cm Mini Plates: Ideal for Coffee with Chocolate


Esma Dereboy's 8.5 cm plates are an ideal choice for serving coffee with chocolate. They are also perfect for sauces during dinner or special events.


11 cm Mini Plates: Practical for Garnish Presentations


Esma Dereboy's 11 cm plates are a practical option for garnish presentations. They also help you present olives, nuts, and other healthy and delicious options stunningly.


13.5 cm Mini Plates: Great for Snacks


Esma Dereboy's 13.5 cm mini plates are a great choice for serving snacks. You can also present appetizers beautifully on these plates.


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