Esma Dereboy's collection of small bowls adds a special touch to your table by combining style and elegance. Each carefully designed small bowl offers practical and stylish solutions that suit various needs!

Elegance in Your Dinnerware with Various Designs

Small bowls stand out with Esma Dereboy's various designs. Each bowl is shaped with special touches, and the rich colour options add vibrancy to your dinnerware. Harmonizing with simple and modern designs, these bowls are ideal for adding elegance to every moment.

Moreover, the collection of small bowls has been thoughtfully designed not only for aesthetics but also for functionality. Thanks to their ideal size, these bowls can be used for serving snacks, presenting sauces, or showcasing special flavours. These practical bowls not only make your daily life easier but also elegantly complement your table.

Esma Dereboy's small bowls are designed to make every moment of your daily life special. Ideal for a coffee break, serving snacks, or creating a unique presentation, these bowls draw attention with their size and elegant details. With a small touch, you can add significant elegance to your table.

Esma Dereboy Elegance: Cylinder, Ellipse, and Round Bowl Varieties

Esma Dereboy's bowl collection adds elegance to your dinnerware with designs in different forms. Our bowl collection includes:


  • Cylinder Bowl Varieties: Cylinder bowl varieties stand out with modern and stylish designs. The cylindrical form adds a minimalist touch to your table with simple and elegant lines, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics.
  • Oval Bowl Varieties: Oval bowl varieties bring together elegant and unique designs in Esma Dereboy's collection. The oval form adds a soft and flowing look to your table, making each oval bowl ideal for emphasizing your special moments or serving special meals.
  • Round Bowl Varieties: Round bowl varieties, included in Esma Dereboy's collection, represent a classic and timeless elegance. With their rounded lines, these bowls harmonize with any table setting, standing out as symbols of elegance and sophistication.

Small bowls, available in both single-colour and double-colour options, offer a wide aesthetic range for your table. Single-colour options are ideal for those seeking simple and minimalist elegance, adding a graceful touch to your meal presentations. On the other hand, Double-colour bowls infuse dynamism and liveliness into your table with extensive colour combinations. Enjoy creating unique combinations with the Mix&Match option to design your own table.

Respect for Nature and Aesthetic Beauty Converge in the Reclay and Capsule Collection

Would you like to experience a simple, sustainable, and eco-friendly dining experience in the chaos of daily life? The Capsule and Reclay series invites you to a unique dining experience by combining elegance and naturalness on your dining table!

The Capsule series is designed to be minimal and ergonomic. Small bowls suitable for daily use provide a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Each piece of the carefully crafted Capsule series invites you to create your table design with the Mix&Match option. Create your style with the colour and form combinations you choose!

The Reclay series prioritizes sustainability, bringing together the beauties of nature with art. Made from recycled porcelain waste, this special collection reflects aesthetic beauty while highlighting sensitivity to preserving natural resources.

Esma Dereboy's eco-friendly dinnerware products bring together sustainability, aesthetics, and consumer freedom. Filled with respect for nature, aesthetic beauty, and functionality, the Reclay and Capsule series adds a unique atmosphere to your table! 

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