Our bowls, designed with fine details, unique designs, and carefully selected colour palettes, take your dining experience a step further. Each bowl reflects the unique character of your table along with the meal inside. Enhance the elegance of your table by highlighting your flavour with our handmade porcelain bowls!

Bowl Sets With Special Box


Esma Dereboy is making a name for itself with its unique designs in the category of bowl sets with special box. However, the most important feature that sets our brand apart is its emphasis on sustainability. Each product is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, offering an ecological approach combined with elegance.


Handcrafted Elegance with Bowl Sets with Special Box 

Esma Dereboy bowl sets with special box are designed with the elegance of handmade porcelain. Each bowl, carefully shaped by master craftsmen, carries the unique touch of handiwork. As a result, each set offers a special and unique aesthetic. Moreover, it is a work of art meticulously crafted in every detail.


Our bowl sets with special box collections stand out with their beauties. At the same time, it brings the joy of making your loved ones happy. This set, where elegance and aesthetics meet, is designed to make the moments you share with your loved ones even more special.


At the same time, this special collection accompanies you from daily use to special invitations. These sets, which add elegance to your table with their graceful designs, not only offer a visual feast but also stand out with their functionality.


Esma Dereboy offers an ideal gift option for special boxed bowl sets. While the special sponge box of each set attracts attention with its elegant design, it ensures that you offer an unforgettable experience to your loved ones with its stylish gift package. With the recommendations it offers to you, Esma Dereboy makes your gift shopping easier and offers the most suitable options for your loved ones. Esma Dereboy's recommended gift choices help you establish an emotional connection by combining elegance and sophistication.


Special Series for Special Tastes

Esma Dereboy's bowl sets with special box not only stand out with sustainability and handmade elegance but also with their designs in different forms.


  • Round And Patterned Bowl Set: Esma Dereboy's round patterned bowl set has a classic and elegant design. Each bowl adds elegance to your table with its round lines and carefully crafted patterns. This set is an ideal choice for those who want to create a simple and modern atmosphere.


Colour Wave Collection: Feel the Magic of Colors

The 'Colour Wave' collection brings together three different color combinations to create a new pattern and composition. This collection, each bowl of which has a different touch, adds dynamism and elegance to your table and dining experiences. The harmony of colors and the elegance of patterns transform your table into a work of art.


Esma Dereboy's bowl sets in the 'Colour Wave' collection add an aesthetic touch to your daily dining experience. At the same time, with their special boxed sets, they bring the joy of making your loved ones happy. Bring warmth and elegance to your homes, take your dining experiences one step further!


The power of black will help you express your feelings most sincerely on this special day!

Personalize your table or your loved ones' table with Esma Dereboy special boxed bowl sets and create a unique atmosphere!

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