The story of each plate is woven with handcrafted textures carefully shaped by master craftsmen. Thus, each plate adds a special touch to your table. Our handmade porcelain plates not only create unique memories specific to your tables with their unique designs and special textures but also offer an aesthetic atmosphere.

Plate Sets With Special Box


Esma Dereboy's meticulously crafted handmade plate sets are designed to transform your everyday dining experience into a work of art! Each plate is carefully selected and meticulously crafted with handiwork and carefully chosen materials.


Esma Dereboy Plate Sets With Special Box: A Touch of Elegance to Your Table


Esma Dereboy's plate sets with special box collection are the most elegant way to offer a special gift to your loved ones. Each set is presented in a special box, offering an aesthetic experience. It also provides an opportunity to offer a meaningful gift. Esma Dereboy's special boxed plate sets are a perfect choice to make your loved ones happy and give them a unique experience.


Plate sets with special box not only add aesthetic beauty to your table but also elevate your serving experience. Elegant details, special color palettes, and carefully selected patterns make each plate look like a work of art on your table. Your coffee presentations gain a special elegance with Esma Dereboy's plate sets.


This special collection allows you to freely choose among plates. Therefore, you can create combinations that reflect your style. Thus, you can add a special touch to every moment. Personalize your table with Mix&Match option and create a unique atmosphere!


These aesthetic and elegant plate sets will enchant your guests while adding warmth and elegance to your home! Each plate is designed to create a special atmosphere and offers a sophistication that will make your presentations unique. With Esma Dereboy's handmade plate sets, your home will not only be a space but also an art gallery!


Series Options to Add Uniqueness to Your Table

Plate sets with special box stand out with their series designed to add uniqueness and elegance to your tables.

Round Series: Classic Elegance

The round series combines classic elegance and simple sophistication. Each round plate adds a pleasant touch to your tables with delicate details and a simple design. Aesthetics and functionality come together in this series!


Reclay Series: Bring the Warmth of Nature to Your Tables


The Reclay series brings the warmth of nature to your tables. The natural color palette and recycled porcelain make each plate special. In this series, simple and contemporary design meets environmental awareness!


Square Series: The Power of Geometric Aesthetics

The square series brings geometric aesthetics to your tables. Straight lines, clear shapes, and modern lines make each square plate stand out with a dazzling stance. Contemporary design and functionality come together in this series.


Pebble Series: The Deep Romanticism of Black

Esma Dereboy's Pebble collection is an option that offers elegance and sophistication in times when emotions are most sincere and deep. The elegance of black porcelain meets with simple and modern designs to crown your romance and special moments.


Gold heart details add a romantic touch to the products and emphasize the depths of love. Each product combines romance and aesthetics to make your special moments more valuable. Therefore, by choosing this series full of the power and elegance of black, you can add a touch to the moments you will share with your loved ones. 


Write a story of love and affection in the depths of black with Esma Dereboy's Pebble collection on your special days! Each product will bring together romance and aesthetics. Add a touch to your special moments with this series full of the power and elegance of black that you will choose to share with your loved ones.


These series, each reflecting its unique style of Esma Dereboy, combine quality and aesthetics with handmade plate sets. Choosing which series suits you best can make your dining experience more special.

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