Salt & pepper shakers hold an important place in the kitchen, serving both a functional purpose and adding a decorative element. Esma Dereboy's handmade porcelain salt & pepper shakers offer an easy-to-use, eco-friendly, chic, and minimalist experience in the kitchen. These products are an ideal choice for those embracing a modern and contemporary style. With a mix&match approach, you can reflect your style with different colour and pattern options.

Elegance of Handmade Porcelain

Meal times, an integral part of our daily lives, are complemented not only by delicious dishes but also by aesthetic and practical accessories. Esma Dereboy's complementary products category, including salt & pepper shakers, enriches your table with a sophisticated and elegant touch. Each piece is specially crafted with handmade porcelain, prioritizing ease of use and eco-friendly features.

Esma Dereboy's salt & pepper shakers are expertly handmade, adding a unique touch and originality to each product. The elegant and durable structure of porcelain makes it ideal for long-term use.

Eco-Friendly Design

These salt & pepper shakers, produced using environmentally friendly materials, support a sustainable lifestyle. The preference for natural materials minimizes environmental impact while providing a healthy and safe kitchen experience.

Chic and Minimalist Design

Esma Dereboy's design approach offers a perfect combination of elegance and minimalism. With simple and elegant lines, these salt & pepper shakers create an aesthetic look in the kitchen and complement other kitchen utensils.

Modern Mix & Match Approach

Esma Dereboy's salt & pepper shakers allow for a mix & match approach with different colour and pattern options. You can create combinations that reflect your personal style and match your kitchen decor. This helps you create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

Esma Dereboy's handmade porcelain salt & pepper shakers offer a pleasant user experience by combining practicality and elegance in the kitchen. With environmentally friendly materials and chic design, these products not only provide a visual feast in the kitchen but also support an environmentally conscious approach.

Our Collections

Here are our collections in the salt & pepper shakers category:

Pine Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt & pepper shakers with elegant and simple designs adapt to any table setting, adding elegance to your tables by combining functionality and aesthetics. Salt & pepper shakers, essential for every table, offer an unforgettable touch to your special moments.

Capsule Collection

The Capsule collection refers to society's minimalist lifestyle with its proportional, ergonomic design. The smooth texture of the matte surface evokes naturalness. The mix&match concept in colour options allows users to create different combinations. Inspired by the outer lines of a capsule, this collection brings diversity to daily life with its contoured curves and creative colours.

Tube Collection

The Tube collection, with its elegant design, adapts to any table setting, combining functionality and aesthetics. Thus, it adds elegance to your tables.

Corinth Collection

The Corinth collection successfully carries the echoes of architectural style. Inspired by the elegant forms and details of the Corinthian columns of antiquity, it emphasizes the subtleties of aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the outer lines of a capsule, this collection brings diversity to daily life with its contoured curves and creative colors. The collection invites you to the captivating atmosphere of the past with its rich tones and sophisticated palettes.

Complete your table with Esma Dereboy's elegant and chic products to impress your guests and add value to your special moments!

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