Every sip evokes a special memory. Our handmade porcelain cups turn each drop into a unique experience. With their elegance and delicate texture, our cups enhance your drinking pleasure to the fullest. Each glass offers the elegance that crowns your flavour.



Carefully crafted like works of art, the handmade porcelain cups carry the unique elegance of craftsmanship. Each cup, meticulously shaped by master craftsmen, combines aesthetics and functionality in perfect balance. This special touch makes each drink more meaningful and enjoyable!


A Journey Among Cups: The Unique World of Esma Dereboy

Esma Dereboy attracts attention with products that stand out with aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Because production processes that prioritize sustainability show respect for the balance of nature. Esma Dereboy has embraced sustainability not only as a trend but as a lifestyle. In this direction, energy-saving production processes, and the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials keep the environmental impact to a minimum.


Our cups, which colour every moment, add elegance to your indoor spaces with a wide range of colours. Each colour has been carefully selected and combined with harmonious tones. These colour harmonies not only exist among the cups but also create a perfect harmony with other elements of your table, creating an aesthetic atmosphere.


Esma Dereboy cups also stand out with designs that can be perfectly combined. Thus, you can reflect your style by combining different models and colours. You can also add a unique touch to your special moments. With our products that combine the elegance and durability of porcelain with modern design, you can create a work of art on your table.


Add Colour to Your Warm and Cold Moments with Esma Dereboy

Esma Dereboy offers designs that cups can integrate with other tableware elements. When dinner sets, table accessories, and serving plates come together, your table becomes a work of art. The beauty combined with Esma Dereboy creates a unique and makes every invitation unique.


Among our unique collections, there are options that also perfectly match table mats and cups. Each carefully selected colour palette plays a successful role in integrating into your table and adding elegance to your table. These combinations stand out with designs that are also considered in terms of usability and practicality.


Different Usage Areas: Variety on Your Table with Cups


Esma Dereboy's unique cups are not only used for beverages. It also offers a perfect option for presenting various snacks, salads, and desserts on your table. Each cup enhances the elegance of your table with carefully selected colour palettes and elegant designs, while also standing out with its various usage areas.


Cups also offer a stylish alternative for salad presentations. Colourful cups are a great way to highlight the fresh ingredients of your salad and add liveliness to your table.

Our cups are also ideal for dessert tastings. Small-sized cups provide the opportunity to serve desserts in individual portions. With different colour options, they create a visual experience suitable for every type of dessert and add a sweet elegance to your table.


You can also create a pleasant snack corner on your table by filling the cups with nuts, dried fruits, or colourful candies. Offering delightful snacks circulating among your guests will be a great way to entertain them.


Traces of Art on Your Table with Esma Dereboy


Esma Dereboy cups offer a world where the aesthetic beauty of handmade porcelain combines with the environmental consciousness of sustainability. These special cups, which add elegance to your table with colour harmonies, also stand out with combinable designs. With Esma Dereboy, your table will always be wrapped in a special atmosphere with every drink break. With elegant details, environmentally friendly production, and its colourful world, Esma Dereboy invites you on a journey among cups!


Esma Dereboy carries traces of art to your tables with collections ranging from cups to home accessories. With the elegance of handmade porcelain, the consciousness of sustainability, colour harmonies, and designs that can be combined, Esma Dereboy adds a unique touch to your tables.

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