With the environmentally friendly deep plates collection suitable for daily use, Esma Dereboy brings elegance and naturalness together to your dining table! By creating unique colour and form combinations with the Mix&Match option, you can enjoy the pleasure of experiencing unique table settings.

Esma Dereboy Deep Plates: Merge Naturalness with Finery 

Deep plates stand out as a complementary part of dinner sets. With their deep structure, they offer an ideal option, especially for juicy dishes, salads, pasta, and soups. While presenting a stylish look with their minimalist design, they also allow you to save space easily by being stackable.

The story of each plate is crafted with handcrafted textures by master craftsmen. Thus, each plate adds a special touch to your table. Our handmade porcelain deep plates create unique memories only for your tables with their unique designs and special textures. They also provide an aesthetic atmosphere.

Our deep plates collection allows you to recreate your table setting from scratch with aesthetic designs and functionality. Each plate offers a quality dining experience with carefully selected materials and an original design concept. At the same time, by perfectly harmonizing among different collections, it provides you with unlimited mixing freedom. Complementary colour palettes make your table feel meticulously designed and make every meal moment unforgettable. With Esma Dereboy, each plate dances in perfect harmony with the others.

Esma Dereboy deep plates collection is also an eco-friendly option made of sustainable materials. Therefore, with the special pieces in the collection, Esma Dereboy invites you to make your dining experience extraordinary.

Environmentally friendly materials and specially adorned pieces are ideal not only for daily use but also for special occasions. Each piece adds a unique character to your table, reflecting Esma Dereboy's design philosophy and sensitivity to nature. At the same time, with its minimalist design and practical stackability feature, it contributes to keeping your dining table organized and easy to use.

Feast of Elegance: Esma Dereboy Art Of Table Setting  

Esma Dereboy's unique collection adds a unique atmosphere to your tables by offering a perfect combination of elegance and aesthetics. This special collection provides a special touch to every moment with designs that appeal to various tastes and table settings.

Elegance, functionality, and originality meet in perfect balance in the deep plates collection. Each piece is produced with meticulous craftsmanship. Thus, it allows you to decorate your table with a work of art. Striking colour palettes and carefully selected materials turn your table into more than just a dining area. Because it transforms into a first-class aesthetic experience.

Dance of Colours on Plates: Double Colour Option  

The deep plates collection stands out with its special design and offers users a wide range of customization options with single-colour and double-colour choices. While each deep plate brings together elegance and functionality, users can personalize their dining experiences by choosing their preferred colour palette.

Single-colour options offer an ideal choice for those who prefer a simple and minimalist aesthetic. The double-colour feature, on the other hand, satisfies those who want to create a dynamic and colourful table setting. With the Mix&Match option, users can create their own plate sets and decorate their dining tables with a unique style.

Esma Dereboy deep plates collection offers users wide freedom with colour options that appeal to every taste. At the same time, it promises a perfect dining experience by bringing together important features such as elegance, functionality, and production with environmentally friendly materials.

You can also find naturalness, elegance, and functionality together on your dining table with this special collection. Thus, you can make your daily dining experience special.

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