Dining accessories are details that complete the aesthetic appearance of your table. Our napkin rings, table mats, and cup mates offer a perfect harmony where elegance and luxury meet naturally. Each one stands out with select materials and carefully processed details.

Napkin Rings


Dining tables are not only designed to eat meals. They are also designed to offer an aesthetic experience. Therefore, details that beautify tables and add elegance to them are highly important. This is where the napkin rings, found in Esma Dereboy's table accessories category, come into play. Made from olive wood, these minimalist and simple-shaped napkin rings add elegance to your tables by offering a modern beauty for everyday use.


Esma Dereboy's World of Table Accessories

Table accessories meet Esma Dereboy's elegant designs and quality craftsmanship. Each piece stands out not only aesthetically but also with its durability and functionality.


Esma Dereboy's mix&match approach combines different collections, allowing you to create your own table style. This unique approach offers users creative freedom, enabling them to create a special table arrangement for every moment. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to create a unique table setting for each occasion.


The choice of those seeking originality in their tables, Esma Dereboy adds an aesthetic touch to your living spaces with handmade porcelain products, an eco-friendly approach, and the mix&match concept. Take a step into Esma Dereboy's unique world and enjoy elegance and sophistication at your tables!


Esma Dereboy's Aesthetic Touch


The napkin rings designed by Esma Dereboy have a simple and elegant appearance. Inspired by the natural texture of olive wood, these rings represent a sophisticated elegance. Each of these napkin rings, crafted with care, instantly elevates your tables and offers your guests a visual delight.


The Power of Minimalism


Minimalism is a trend that has gained popularity in the design world in recent years. Esma Dereboy's napkin rings are also designed in line with this trend. With their minimalist and simple form, these rings add a graceful touch to your tables. Designed with a simple yet impressive design approach, the napkin rings harmonize perfectly with any table setting.


Expression of Natural Beauty: Olive Wood

Esma Dereboy's napkin rings are made from olive wood. This adds natural beauty and durability to the products. The unique texture and colour tones of olive wood may vary in each napkin ring, emphasizing the uniqueness and naturalness of each product.


Practical Usage Opportunity


Esma Dereboy's napkin rings not only offer an aesthetic appearance but also provide practical usage. Their stackable structure provides an advantage in terms of storage. Additionally, they are easy to clean. You can wash them by hand with warm water and dry them. Applying olive oil at intervals helps maintain the products and preserve their natural beauty.


Adorn Your Tables with Elegance

Esma Dereboy's napkin rings are a perfect way to add natural beauty and elegance to your tables. Made from olive wood, these chic and minimalist rings also stand out with their practical usage. Adorn your tables with Esma Dereboy's aesthetic touch and impress your guests with an impressive experience.


Round and Square Options

Esma Dereboy's napkin rings offer different shape options to accommodate users' preferences and table arrangements. Therefore, you can choose between round and square forms. While round rings offer sophisticated elegance, square rings provide a modern and minimal look. Both forms are ready to add an aesthetic touch to your tables, reflecting Esma Dereboy's unique design approach.


Enhance your tables with Esma Dereboy!

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