Esma Dereboy offers unique elegance on tables with handmade porcelain dinner plates that transform meal presentation into a work of art. Each plate, produced with masterful craftsmanship, takes shape in the hands of skilled artisans using high-quality porcelain material. These handmade touches add a unique character to each plate, turning your dining table into a gallery!

Handmade Elegance: Esma Dereboy Dinner Plates

Elevate the elegance and naturalness on your dining table with our collection of environmentally friendly dinner plates suitable for daily use! With the Mix&Match option, you can create colour and shape combinations to establish your unique style, leading to unique dining experiences. Additionally, each dinner plate attracts attention with original designs reflecting the spirit of the times. Plates skilfully blend modern and minimal products to carry the heritage of the past into the future, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. These timeless designs are not only prepared for today but also consider the changing demands of the future.

Our dinner plates collection stands out with aesthetic designs and versatile usage. Ideal for breakfast, snacks, and appetizers, these plates allow you to elegantly complete your table for every meal. The dinner plates, made from sustainable materials, offer an environmentally conscious dining experience while combining quality and aesthetics. 

Esma Dereboy's dinner plates collection transforms your daily table setting by combining visual elegance and environmental consciousness. Each piece not only exudes elegance but also emphasizes respect for nature. The production processes, embracing the principle of sustainability, use eco-friendly materials to maintain an ecological balance. Therefore, each piece, carefully crafted with selected materials and workmanship, offers you an elegant and eco-friendly dining experience.

Elegance and Functionality Together

Our dinner plate collection allows you to recreate your table setting with aesthetic designs and functionality. Each plate, offering a quality dining experience with carefully selected materials and original design philosophy, also provides perfect harmony among different collections, offering you limitless freedom for combinations. Complementary patterns and colour palettes make your table setting feel meticulously designed, making every meal moment unforgettable. Each plate in the Esma Dereboy tableware collection is perfectly combined with others.

Our dinner plates collection includes:

  • Square Single-Colour and Double-Colour Plates: If you want to add a modern touch to your table, square single-colour and double-colour plates are perfect for you! These plates, with their minimalist designs and refined colours, bring elegance to your table without sacrificing simplicity.
  • Stone Single-Colour and Two-Colour Plates: Plates with an stone form are ideal for those who love an original design philosophy. Adding a dynamic touch to your table with single or double-colour options, they bring together aesthetics and elegance.
  • Round Single-Colour and Two-Colour Plates: Attention-grabbing with an elegant appearance for those who love timeless design. Each plate adds a visual feast to your table.
  • Touch Dinner Plates Collection: The Esma Dereboy Touch collection stands out with its special touches. Plates adorned with elegant and delicate details add aesthetic value to your meal presentations. With colour options and unique forms, Touch is the key to personalizing your table!

Whether you prefer square single-colour and double-colour plates for a modern touch, stone single-color, and double-colour plates for those who love an original design philosophy, round single-colour and double-colour plates for timeless and classic design enthusiasts, or the Touch collection with its special touches, the key to personalizing your table is in your hands!

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