Esma Dereboy brings together elegance and functionality on your tables with the category of large bowls. This collection adds an impressive atmosphere to your tables with gracefully balanced large bowls!

Captivating Elegance on Your Table with Large Bowls

Esma Dereboy's handmade collection of large bowl stands out as the highest expression of aesthetic elegance. Worthy of attention with their large sizes, these bowls are designed to make your every moment special. The collection blends modern and classic design elements, adding a contemporary touch to your table.

Large bowls are meticulously designed both aesthetically and for practical use. These bowls stand out with their spacious volumes, providing versatility in various uses from salad presentations to main courses. While facilitating your daily life with functionality, they also dazzle with their aesthetic design.

Esma Dereboy's handmade large bowls also stand out with a richness of colour and patterns. The collection offers a wide range of products, from modern patterns to classic textures, and pastel tones in vibrant colour palettes. This allows you to customize your table according to the theme you desire.

Aesthetic Dining Experience with Round, Cylinder, Ellipse, and Capsule Designs

Large bowls with round, cylinder, ellipse, and capsule options add an aesthetic touch to your table. Each design offers variety with both single-colour and double-colour options, providing users with uniqueness and creativity.

Porcelain bowls in various designs are produced with environmentally friendly and sustainable materials suitable for daily use. Each option combines elegance and functionality while offering the user an environmentally friendly dining experience by minimizing environmental impacts.

The Mix&Match option allows you to create your unique colour and form combinations among Esma Dereboy's handmade large bowl collections. By choosing from round, cylinder, ellipse, and capsule designs in colours from large handmade bowls collection that suits you, you can create unique dining experiences. Each design harmonizes with the others, allowing you to personalize your table.

Overview of the Collection

Esma Dereboy offers a collection that appeals to every taste with its diversity in the world of tableware. Round, cylinder, ellipse, and capsule designs, combined with single-colour and double-colour options, add aesthetic elegance to your table.


  • Round Designs: Round designs in Esma Dereboy's collection represent a classic and timeless elegance. Each round bowl adds a sophisticated touch to your table with its refined lines and colour options.


  • Cylinder Form: Products in cylinder form are ideal for those seeking a modern and minimalist aesthetic. These designs, available in both single and double-colour options, add a dynamic touch to your table. Additionally, they offer striking elegance with simple lines.


  • Ellipse Products: ellipse designs in Esma Dereboy's collection provide elegant and functional variety. ellipse large bowls bring both elegance and functionality to your table with aesthetic lines and double-colour options.


  • Capsule Designs: Capsule designs represent a modern and innovative approach in Esma Dereboy's collection. This unique form, combined with double-colour options, adds a contemporary energy to your table.


  • Single-colour and Double-colour Options for Freedom in Combinations: Each design offers users the freedom to combine with single and double-colour options. This diversity, customizable with the Mix&Match option, allows you to personalize your table according to your desired theme and style.

Esma Dereboy's round, cylinder, ellipse, and capsule designs, with single and double-colour options, enrich your table. Each form perfectly balances aesthetics and functionality, adding a unique atmosphere to your special moments and daily tables!

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