The home accessories category includes vases, candle holders, decorative bowls, and other specially designed items. Each product reflects the brand's sustainable and eco-friendly approach while offering unique details that beautify your home.

Home Decoration


Esma Dereboy brings elegance to your home with its decorative objects in the home decoration category! Each object gains a story in the hands of master craftsmen, making your home the center of elegance with details. This collection was designed to add a special touch to every corner of your home!


Make a Difference in Home Decoration with Esma Dereboy


Home is a living space where you can reflect your style. Therefore, home accessories are a wonderful way to beautify your home and create a unique atmosphere for yourself.


Esma Dereboy's home decoration collection dazzles with richness in color palette. Therefore, it is personalized for you to create a unique atmosphere for yourself. Carefully selected colors among vases, candleholders, and decorative bowls create perfect harmony in every corner of your home. From classic tones to bold and vibrant colors, the options appeal to every taste and decoration style.


The lidded bowls and vases in Esma Dereboy's home decoration collection are designed to complement each other, completing the elegance in your home. The elegance of lidded bowls integrates with the designs of vases. This harmonious combination turns your home into an art gallery.


The candles and incense burners in our collection also make a difference. The elegant designs of the candles, combined with the mystic touch of the incense burners, create a unique decorative integrity in your home. Therefore, each object adds a special meaning to the atmosphere of your home.


Traces of Art in Your Home Decoration with Esma Dereboy


Esma Dereboy adds elegance to your home with handmade products and environmentally friendly designs. This collection offers an aesthetic integrity that is carefully designed for each object, harmonizing with the beauties of nature.


  • Vases: Elegant vases that bring the beauties of nature into your home are a wonderful way to add color and vitality to your room with flowers or on their own.
  • Candle Holders: Magnificent candle holders that change the atmosphere with the warmth of candlelight are an ideal way to create a romantic ambiance.
  • Candles: Elegant candles are a great choice to make special occasions or an ordinary day special. With different sizes and designs, they appeal to every taste.
  • Decorative Bowls: Handmade ceramic decorative bowls not only offer a visual feast but also promise functionality.
  • Bowls with Lids: Lidded bowls, which combine aesthetics with functionality, add a touch of elegance to your surroundings while allowing you to use them practically.
  • Lampshades: Lamps that are both stylish and functional in terms of lighting are a perfect way to add a special atmosphere to your room.
  • Incense Burners: Incense burners that fill your home with pleasant scents are also an effective option to add elegance to your room with their decorative designs.


This special collection brings together stylish and practical accessories for you to personalize your home completely. Each object reveals hidden beauties in detail. Thus, it not only turns your home into a space but also into a special living space. The home decoration collection reflects your taste, offering you the joy of filling your home with a more inviting and aesthetic atmosphere.


Discover the Art in Your Home with Esma Dereboy

The home decoration collection turns your home into an art gallery with its elegance, sustainability, color harmonies, and combinable features!


Each object carries a special meaning in your home as a carefully designed work of art crafted by master craftsmen. Esma Dereboy's home accessories not only beautify your home but also reflect an environmentally friendly lifestyle by bringing together aesthetics, elegance, and sustainability.


Enrich your living space with these personalized, meticulously crafted works of art that personalize your home and add meaning to every detail. Discover the art in your home with Esma Dereboy's touch that turns your home into an art gallery!

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