Esma Dereboy combines elegance with practical usage in its soup bowls, making your daily dining experience perfect. With its deep structure and ergonomic design, these bowls not only enhance the enjoyment of your soup but also add an aesthetic touch to your table.

Unique Dining Experience with Soup Bowls

Esma Dereboy soup bowls are produced with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Reflecting environmental consciousness through environmentally friendly production processes, each bowl adds value to your table while being beautiful and practical. 

By combining various colors and forms, you can completely customize your table setting to match your unique style. This freedom of expression makes every dining table unique.

Bring together naturalness and elegance on your dining table with Esma Dereboy soup bowls! Enjoy the pleasure of creating your style with the Mix&Match option. This unique soup bowls collection offers designs that harmonize with every moment, from special occasions to daily use. Esma Dereboy soup bowls bring elegance and practicality to your table, not only for soups but also for salads and various snacks. This allows you to create a unique dining experience that will impress your guests.

Experience exclusivity in every detail with Esma Dereboy soup bowls to make your table more special!

Reclay Collection

This collection reflects Esma Dereboy's environmentally friendly design approach at its highest level. Standing out with deep respect for nature and an artistic perspective, this special collection meticulously produces recycled porcelain to bring together the beauty of nature and art. Each piece not only reflects the aesthetic beauty of porcelain but also expresses sensitivity to the preservation of natural resources.

Esma Dereboy's sustainability-focused approach is evident in every piece of the Reclay collection. The use of recycled materials contributes to the effective preservation of natural resources, showcasing an environmentally friendly approach. This collection symbolizes a commitment to a sustainable future and aims to minimize environmental impact.

The Reclay soup bowls collection not only offers an aesthetic experience but also shapes your table with an environmentally friendly perspective, beautifying your table while emphasizing your contribution to sustainability. This special collection by Esma Dereboy is an ideal choice for art enthusiasts who aim to preserve the beauty of nature.

Visual Feast with Colour Options

Esma Dereboy soup bowls collection provides users with extensive customization options, offering the joy of personalizing the dining experience. Each soup bowl in this special collection is available in both single-colour and double-colour options.

Single-color options are ideal for those who prefer a simple and minimalist aesthetic. Double-color options, on the other hand, satisfy those who want to add dynamic visuals to their dining table. With the Mix&Match option, users can create their plate sets and adorn their dining tables with a unique style.

Esma Dereboy soup bowls collection strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, it provides users with considerable freedom through colour options, allowing them to personalize the dining experience according to their personal preferences. Each bowl not only allows you to savour the beauty but also provides the opportunity to customize the dining experience with colour options that suit personal tastes.

Designed with fine details, uniqueness, and carefully selected colour palettes, our soup bowls elevate your dining experience. Each bowl reflects the authentic character of your table along with the meal it contains. Complete the elegance of your table and highlight the flavour with our handmade porcelain soup bowls!

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