Esma Dereboy's medium bowl collection combines aesthetic touches, practical use, and elegance to elevate your dining experience. This special collection enhances your daily dining with stylish designs and functional features!

Elegance Meets Functionality: Medium Bowls

Esma Dereboy's medium bowls captivate with their delicate designs. Elegant lines and carefully selected colour palettes add aesthetic sophistication to your table, making each meal special. Each bowl is like a work of art that enhances the beauty of your table. Medium-size bowls stand out not only for their elegance but also for their practical use. Their average size offers an ideal option for presenting various meals and snacks. Their ease of transport and cleaning simplifies your daily life.

Our medium bowl collection attracts attention with diversity and colour extensiveness. Different patterns and colour options appealing to every taste allow you to personalize your table. The Mix&Match option allows you to create unique dining experiences by forming combinations.

Each medium bowl is produced with Esma Dereboy's understanding of quality and durability. Superior material quality and meticulous craftsmanship provide long-lasting use. Ideal for both daily use and special occasions, these bowls add value to your table.

Aesthetic Dining Experience with Design Variety

Esma Dereboy offers a collection that caters to every taste with its diversity in the world of dining. Round, cylindrical, ellipse, and capsule designs combine with single and double-colour options to add aesthetic elegance to your table.


  • Round Designs: Round designs represent classic and timeless elegance in Esma Dereboy's collection. Each round plate or bowl adds a simple and elegant touch to your table with sophisticated lines and single or double-coluor options.


  • Cylinder Form: Products in the cylindrical form are ideal for those seeking a modern and minimalist aesthetic. These designs add a dynamic air to your table with single and double-coluor options, providing striking elegance with simple lines.


  • Ellipse Products: Oval designs offer an elegant and refined variety in Esma Dereboy's collection. Each ellipse bowl brings both elegance and functionality to your table with aesthetic lines and double-colour options.


  • Capsule Designs: Capsule designs represent a modern and innovative approach in Esma Dereboy's collection. This unique form, combined with double-colour options, adds contemporary energy to your table.


  • Free Combinations with Single and Two-Color Options: Each design offers users the freedom of combining with single and double-colour options. This diversity, personalized with the Mix&Match option, allows you to customize your table according to the theme and style you desire.

Esma Dereboy's round, cylindrical, ellipse, and capsule designs enrich your table with single and double-colour options. Each medium bowl form perfectly balances aesthetics and functionality, adding a unique atmosphere to your special moments and daily meals.

Reclay and Capsule Collections

The Capsule collection is designed to be minimal and ergonomic. Suitable for daily use, these products provide a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Each piece is crafted with special care and minimizes environmental impact, adding colour to your daily life. Additionally, the Capsule collection invites you to create your own table design with the Mix&Match option. Create your own style with the colour and form combinations you choose!

The Reclay collection prioritizes sustainability, bringing together the beauties of nature with art. This special collection, made from recycled porcelain waste, reflects aesthetic beauty along with sensitivity to preserving natural resources.

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