Esma Dereboy's handmade porcelain handleless espresso cups collection is designed to offer coffee enthusiasts a special touch and aesthetic. These sustainable and eco-friendly cups open up a new way to add elegance and originality to your coffee presentations.

An Exquisite Nuance in Your Coffee Experience

Esma Dereboy's specially designed handleless cups add an exquisite nuance to your coffee experience. Standing out with fine craftsmanship and elegant details, these cups also excel in material and ergonomic design. Thus, even drinking the water served alongside coffee becomes a separate pleasure.

Unique Handmade Details

Each cup is shaped with meticulously crafted handmade details by master craftsmen. The artisanal touches and meticulous craftsmanship make each handleless coffee cup stand out and tell its own story. These handmade details ensure that each cup has its own unique charm.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Material

Esma Dereboy's porcelain handleless cups are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. With environmentally friendly production processes and recyclable materials, these cups minimize environmental impact while offering users a quality experience.

Personalization Freedom with Mix&Match

If you want to add a personal touch to your coffee presentations, the Mix&Match option allows you to create different combinations. Creating unique presentations that reflect your style is made possible with Esma Dereboy's porcelain cups.

Elegance and Functionality Always Together

Esma Dereboy's handleless cups not only prioritize elegance but also functionality. With their delicate designs and ergonomic forms, these cups make coffee drinking even more special. The thin edges and ideal volume enhance your coffee enjoyment to the fullest.

If you want to add a special touch to your coffee experience and make an eco-friendly choice, Esma Dereboy's handmade porcelain handleless cups collection offers you a unique experience.

Our Collections

The Figures Collection and Tube Collection, which elevate coffee enjoyment, stand out with their aesthetic designs and colour options.

In both collections, you can personalize your preferences with single colour and double colour options. Thus, you can customize your coffee ritual.

Figures Collection: Art Meets Coffee

The Figures collection turns handleless cups into works of art, offering an aesthetic atmosphere. Special figure details make each cup unique. It also allows you to choose your own figure. Thus, it is possible to reflect the figure you have chosen. With single colour and double colour options in this series, you can combine your coffee enjoyment with art. It is also ideal for those who prefer handleless designs. For those who love long espresso (doppio, lungo), "figures handleless long espresso cups" are recommended. Thus, aesthetics and pleasure are offered together.

Tube Collection: Modern Lines, Colourful Options

The Tube collection stands out with its modern design and thin lines. The variety in the colour palette gives users the freedom to choose between single colour or double colour options. Offering an ideal option for those who love minimalism, the Tube collection adds a contemporary touch to your coffee experience.

Personalization with Single Colour and Double Colour Options

Both collections offer users the option of single and double colour selections, allowing for personalization. Single colour options satisfy those looking for a simple and minimalist look. Double colour options appeal to those seeking a colourful and dynamic presentation. Creating your own combinations with the Mix&Match option is the key to creating a unique coffee presentation.

Esma Dereboy's Figures and Tube collections enrich your coffee experience with their visual aesthetics and colour options. Create your own style with single colour or double colour options and add colour to your coffee enjoyment!

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