Our bowls, designed with fine details, unique designs, and carefully selected colour palettes, take your dining experience a step further. Each bowl reflects the unique character of your table along with the meal inside. Enhance the elegance of your table by highlighting your flavour with our handmade porcelain bowls!


Esma Dereboy's bowl collection brings a touch of art to your table. Each bowl, crafted with masterful handwork, takes shape with carefully chosen porcelain material and skillful hands. Handmade details add a unique character to each bowl, offering the utmost elegance and sophistication to your table!

Stage of Flavour: Esma Dereboy Handmade Porcelain Bowls

Each bowl that creates the stage for your culinary experience transforms your meals into a performance. Our bowls not only highlight the taste but also present your flavors in the best possible way with their dazzling elegance.

Our bowl collection also adds vibrancy to your tables with a wide range of colour options. Colours appealing to every taste allow you to add a splash of colour to every dining moment. With eye-catching pastel tones and elegant patterns, Esma Dereboy bowls assist in presenting your meals as a visual feast.

Of course, Esma Dereboy's bowl collection is not only about aesthetics! Our products stand out with an eco-friendly approach. In this regard, we produce our bowls with environmentally friendly materials, embracing the principle of sustainability. Thus, we show respect for nature.

Harmony Together: The Pleasure of Combining Bowls

Handmade porcelain bowls perfectly harmonize among different collections, providing you with limitless mixing freedom. Complementary patterns and colour palettes make your table feel meticulously designed, making every meal unforgettable. With Esma Dereboy, each bowl dances in perfect harmony with the others.

Each bowl also draws attention with timeless designs. Bowls that blend classic and modern details transport the legacy of the past into today, creating a sophisticated atmosphere. These designs are prepared not only for today but also with an eye on the future, ensuring perfect harmony with changing demands over time.

Rich Variety: Adding An Aesthetic Touch to Your Tables with the Bowl Collection

Our bowl varieties, each telling a unique story:

  • Soup Bowls
  • Small Bowls
  • Medium Bowls
  • Large Bowls
  • Bowl Sets
  • Special Boxed Bowl Sets

Our Series

Capsule Series

The Capsule bowl collection attracts attention with its proportional and ergonomic design. The smooth texture of the matte surface evokes a sense of naturalness. The colour options of the collection encourage users to mix and match, creating different combinations.

Referencing society's minimalistic lifestyle, the Capsule series offers a simple yet elegant aesthetic with its minimalist design. Each bowl perfectly complements your dining experience with functionality.

Ellipse Series

Suitable for daily use, the oval bowl collection adds an aesthetic touch to your tables with its soft lines and stylish design. The elegance of oval shapes makes this collection unique.

The series perfectly complements your minimalist and modern home design. Elegant lines and simple design simplify your table setting while highlighting sophistication.

Reclay Collection

Esma Dereboy's Reclay collection creates a brand-new work of art from recycled porcelain, emphasizing deep respect for nature and sustainability. This special collection highlights the aesthetic beauties of porcelain and draws attention to the preservation of natural resources.

Each piece in the Reclay collection is not only visually striking but also has a deep inner meaning. Designs inspired by nature manifest in every part of the collection, offering users an experience of using a work of art.

Cylinder Series

Standing out among Esma Dereboy's unique designs, the cylinder bowl collection offers a perfect combination of geometric elegance and minimalism. This collection adds a modern touch to your table with aesthetically appealing and functional designs.

Round Series

Esma Dereboy's distinctive round bowl collection adds an aesthetic touch to your tables with sophisticated round shapes and elegant design. This collection offers a dazzling dining experience with its simple and modern lines.

If you want to infuse elegance into your daily life and adopt an eco-friendly approach, our sustainable bowl collection is perfect for you! With the Mix&Match option, you can create your own unique dining experiences by forming your colour and form combinations.

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