The story of each plate is woven with handcrafted textures carefully shaped by master craftsmen. Thus, each plate adds a special touch to your table. Our handmade porcelain plates not only create unique memories specific to your tables with their unique designs and special textures but also offer an aesthetic atmosphere.

Serving Plates

Esma Dereboy presents the unique elegance of handmade porcelain in its dining collection. The serving plates are meticulously shaped by skilled craftsmen, making each detail delicately crafted. The distinctive texture of handmade porcelain adds meaning to your table, transforming every meal into a unique experience!


Esma Dereboy Serving Plates: Sophisticated Elegance

Esma Dereboy offers environmentally friendly dining products suitable for daily use, combining elegance and naturalness on your dining table. With the Mix&match option, you can create your own unique style by forming colour and shape combinations, leaving your signature on exceptional dining experiences. Serving plates, tea cups, and many other special pieces create a harmonious integrity within the collection. This special collection allows you to personalize your table as you wish, bringing together modern and minimal designs to offer sophisticated elegance.

The serving plates collection hosts a dazzling aesthetic dance with a broad colour palette. The colours within the collection are carefully chosen and designed to harmonize perfectly with each other, providing a wide range to cater to every taste and adding a special atmosphere to your table.

Adorned with eco-friendly materials and aesthetic details, these special pieces are ideal not only for daily use but also for special occasions. This collection, bringing together elegance, naturalness, and extraordinary design, allows you to add a unique touch to your home!

Modern, Minimalist, and Environmentally Friendly

Embracing modern aesthetics, Esma Dereboy creates a contemporary atmosphere with the serving plates collection. Minimalist lines, selected colours, and elegant patterns offer a modern touch to each piece in the collection. By decorating your table with a simple and chic atmosphere, you can bring Esma Dereboy's modern aesthetics to your living space.

The serving plates produced with sustainable materials provide various usage options. Each plate promises an eco-friendly dining experience and supports conscious consumption. Additionally, our serving plates collection enables you to showcase your meals elegantly and stunningly serve your coffee.

Esma Dereboy's eco-friendly dining products are produced with both visual aesthetics and a nature-friendly approach. Thus, each piece offers the joy of making an environmentally friendly choice and creating a sophisticated dining setting.

Showcase taste and a lifestyle with nature-friendly, elegant, and practical designs on your dinner table!

Complete Your Table with Elegance: Esma Dereboy Collection

The serving plates collection, a standout among Esma Dereboy's exclusive designs, adds an aesthetic touch to your tables with categories such as rectangular large, small, and medium sizes; square single-colour, double-colour serving plates, and round pizza plates. Each category includes uniquely designed plates crafted with care to meet different needs.

  • Rectangular Serving Plates: Available in large, small, and medium sizes, rectangular serving plates add a special atmosphere to your table with modern and elegant designs. Each one combines craftsmanship and functionality.
  • Square Serving Plates: Bringing a modern touch to your table with single-colour/double-colour options, square serving plates provide a dazzling presentation with minimalist designs.
  • Round Pizza Plates: Especially ideal for pizza service due to their wide structure, round pizza plates enhance your pizza enjoyment with elegant designs and durable materials.

Esma Dereboy's serving plates collection is the best way to add diversity and aesthetics to your tables with different sizes and designs. Each plate reflects Esma Dereboy's design aesthetics and quality, making your dining experience special. Complete your table with elegance and invite your guests to an impressive experience!

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