There is a need to give an advance order since all the products are manufactured on the basis of an order. The order shall be accepted when the payment is made together with the advance order.


Payments to be made at advance order stage can be made by credit card or money transfer to the bank account published at the website. The prices published at the website do not include transportation costs/courier fees. Such transportation costs/cargo fees shall be calculated and reflected to the customer at the order completion stage after the confirmation of the delivery address.


The product delivery period shall be about 40 days since the products shall be manufactured on the basis of special demands.

When the ordered product is ready, UPS cargo track number shall be notified to the customer via e-mail. You might choose different invoice and delivery addresses at the purchase stage. In such a case, while the invoice is sent to you, the product shall be sent to the delivery address you mentioned in the waybill.

Products shall be delivered to the address you defined while giving your order. You can track your orders from “My Orders” part in our website.

Ordered products cannot be returned or replaced since they are custom manufactured on the basis of personal demands.


Please open and check your cargo together with the courier company personnel when you taken the delivery of your cargo. If, during this check, it is understood that some products are missing, defect or damaged, ask the courier personnel to issue a "Damage Determination Report". It shall be accepted that the products were delivered completely and without any damage when the delivery certificate related to the cargo arrived to its delivery address was signed by the customer. If you notice any damage on the package when you take the delivery of order package, you should contact with us within 24 hours. You should briefly define the damage and send this brief information together with the photos of the package to [email protected] via e-mail. After we receive the products, we shall decide on the actions to be taken.

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