1. Order

All our products are made-to-order which require pre-ordering.

The orders will be taken once the payment is made.

2. Payment

The payments can be done via credit cards or by directly sending it to our bank account written at check out.

Shipping costs will be calculated at check out after confirmation of the delivery address.


3. Delivery

The preorder delivery time is approximately 40 days.

Once the items are ready we will be sending you an e-mail with the information of the UPS tracking number.

The items will be delivered to the address written at check out.

You can track information about your orders from the ‘My Orders’ section.

Please note that made-to-order products can’t be returned or exhanged.

If there are any damages you notice on the packacking when collecting the package from UPS,

please make sure to write to us within 24 hours.


Write a short description and send us the images of the packaging to our [email protected] address.









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