Esma Dereboy's espresso cups are meticulously designed handmade products to offer coffee enthusiasts a special experience. Each cup stands out with its ergonomic design and aesthetic appearance, elevating your coffee enjoyment to the next level.

Coffee/Espresso Cups


Esma Dereboy's coffee/espresso cups collection offers the most exquisite reflections of handmade elegance. Each cup is meticulously crafted with masterful craftsmanship. This attention to detail, combined with the nobility of porcelain, adds unique value to your coffee experience. Elevate your coffee enjoyment to the next level with Esma Dereboy!


The Hero of Espresso Art: Esma Dereboy Coffee/Espresso Cups

Esma Dereboy coffee/espresso cups offer an impressive combination of elegance and durability. While the delicate elegance of porcelain shapes the aesthetic appearance of the cups, their sturdy structure ensures long-lasting use. These cups not only offer a visual feast but also maintain their elegance with high-quality materials.


Produced with a sustainable luxury approach, the coffee/espresso cups feature eco-friendly materials and an innovative approach to production processes, ensuring that each cup carries an environmental responsibility. Therefore, these cups reflect your sensitivity to the environment along with your enjoyment of coffee.


Esma Dereboy's coffee/espresso cups collection adds color to your coffee enjoyment with its rich range of color options. Each cup enriches your coffee moments with designs adorned with vibrant colors. Moreover, our cups bring a new dimension to the art of mixing and matching with their harmonious designs. Different patterns and color palettes allow you to fill your table elegantly by combining the cups.


Get lost in options that suit your taste and turn every coffee break into a colorful celebration!


A Special Collection for Coffee Enthusiasts

Esma Dereboy's coffee/espresso cup collection awaits you to elevate your energy-boosting coffee ritual with meticulously designed handmade pieces crafted from special materials to perfect your coffee enjoyment and tell a story with each cup served.


The components that make up our collection are as follows:


  • Coffee Cups: The elegance and ergonomic design of the cups make your coffee moments even more special. Each coffee cup is like a unique work of art shaped by Esma Dereboy's aesthetic understanding.
  • Coffee Saucers: Specially designed saucers complement the cups, making your coffee enjoyment even more special. They offer both functionality and aesthetic touch.
  • Coffee Cups With Saucers: The combination of saucers and cups brings together practicality and aesthetics. It adds elegance to your table and highlights the presentation.
  • Handleless Espresso Cups: A cup of water consumed alongside coffee provides balance. With their stylish designs, these cups add elegance to your table setting.
  • Coffee Sets With Special Box: Carefully prepared boxed coffee sets create special moments for your loved ones or yourself by bringing together the most special pieces of the collection.


The coffee/espresso cups collection not only takes your coffee-drinking experience to the next level but also offers the most beautiful way to add an aesthetic touch to your table setting! These products, not just cups but also works of art, make your coffee enjoyment more meaningful.


Every Cup Tells a Story


Our coffee/espresso cups series are as follows:


Capsule Series

The Capsule series won the double design award from Red Dot Design Award 2022 and the IF Design Award 2022, is a unique design marvel that takes your coffee and espresso enjoyment away from the ordinary. Its proportional and ergonomic design references today's minimalist lifestyle.


The smooth texture of the matte surface evokes naturalness. The Mix&Match concept in color options allows users the freedom to create different combinations. Each cup adds variety to daily life with contoured curves and creative colors inspired by the outer contours of a capsule.


Corinth Series


In the Corinth series, you can feel the echoes of architectural style. You can observe the effects of time in a separate and concealing upper layer. By paying homage to ancient European culture with its form and colors, Corinth also evokes an atmosphere specific to the Aegean coasts. This series brings together Esma Dereboy's aesthetic understanding, craftsmanship, and cultural echoes, making your coffee experience more special.


Touch of Leather Series


The Touch of Leather series offers a unique experience with coffee/espresso cups enriched with natural leather details. The natural leather details added to each product add a contemporary style to the collection, providing a warm atmosphere.

These specially designed cups for coffee lovers emphasize that presentation is just as important as the coffee itself. Natural leather details allow you to establish a special connection with the cups by touching and feeling them.


Tube Series


Esma Dereboy's meticulously crafted handmade coffee/espresso cups are designed to add a luxurious touch to your daily coffee experience. The Tube Series offers the perfect combination of elegance and aesthetics with its unique colors and perfectly matching saucers.


Figures Series


Esma Dereboy's figures coffee/espresso cups series, with its unique designs adorned with natural leather details, offers a unique experience that takes your coffee enjoyment to the next level and adds a unique touch to your table. Because each figure is carefully designed with craftsmanship to add a graceful touch to the cup.


This personalized figures series is designed to offer a unique experience. Now, you can choose your figure and reflect the specific number you have determined.


Coffee/espresso cups from Esma Dereboy elevate your coffee enjoyment to a higher level with their magnificent designs reflecting the subtlety of taste. Each cup carries the splendid texture of carefully selected porcelain. At the same time, it embraces every drop of your coffee in the most special way. Rediscover what it means to drink coffee with Esma Dereboy!

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