Starter plates are essential elements that complement the elegance and finesse of table settings. They not only provide visually aesthetic presentations but also ensure the organized placement of served appetizers. Moreover, starter plates offer options suitable for different needs and styles with their special designs and various sizes. Crafted from carefully selected materials, these plates make the flavours presented at gatherings, parties, and special occasions more attractive and appealing.

Esma Dereboy Starter Plates

Esma Dereboy's handmade porcelain starter plates are symbols of elegance and quality. Crafted with precision by skilled hands, these plates bear traces of craftsmanship in every detail. They create an atmosphere of naturalness and luxury on your table. Additionally, they are eco-friendly products produced in an eco-conscious manner. Made from 100% handmade porcelain material, these plates are an excellent choice for those who prefer sustainable options.

Matte Exterior, Glossy Interior

The exterior of the plates is matte while the interior is glossy glazed, adding a unique aesthetic appeal. This balance not only offers a sophisticated look but also provides easy cleaning and maintenance.

Embracing the Mix&Match approach, Esma Dereboy starter plates allow you to personalize your table with different colour and shape combinations. They offer a wide range of options to reflect your style.

Practical Use and Cleaning

Esma Dereboy starter plates offer convenience in storage and organization with their easy stackability. They are also suitable for use in dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves, providing a practical experience in terms of cleaning and usage.

Furthermore, Esma Dereboy starter plates are not only ideal for appetizer presentation but also snacks, fruits, dessert servings, and breakfast. Their versatile use allows for creative presentations and adds a unique touch to your table.

Our Collections

Our collection of handmade porcelain starter plates is waiting for you!

Stone: Expression of Modern Elegance

Esma Dereboy's stone starter plate is an ideal choice for those who prefer a modern and extraordinary style. These plates, distinguished by their stone shapes, give your table a unique look. Made from handmade porcelain material, these plates are both elegant and durable. They can be personalized with different colour and shape combinations through the Mix&Match option.


Square: Expression of Geometric Aesthetics

Esma Dereboy's square starter plate stands out with its straight lines and modern appearance. It emphasizes elegance by adding geometric aesthetics to your table. Made from handmade porcelain material, these plates are durable and practical. They are offered in single or double colour options, allowing you to make a choice that suits your style.


Round: Expression of Classic Elegance

Esma Dereboy's round starter plate represents classic and timeless elegance. These plates, distinguished by their round lines, are a perfect choice for a sophisticated presentation. Made from handmade porcelain material, these plates adapt to any environment. Offered in single or double colour options, these plates add a dazzling look to your table.


Single Colour: Elegance of Simplicity

Esma Dereboy's single colour starter plates are a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. With clean lines and single colour design, these plates reflect the power of minimalism. Suitable for any type of presentation, these plates add sophistication and elegance to your table.


Double Colour: Aesthetic of Contrast

Esma Dereboy's double colour starter plates are a modern and stylish option that reflects the beauty of contrast. Offered in different colour combinations, these plates give your table a dynamic look. You can try different colour combinations through the Mix&Match option, adding uniqueness to your table.

Each one of the Esma Dereboy starter plate options is meticulously designed and handmade. Crafted from elegant and high-quality materials, each plate is designed to add a unique touch to your table.

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