Mugs are essential pieces of any dining table. Esma Dereboy's mugs category dazzles with its modern designs while also standing out with its functionality. Features like being dishwasher-safe and microwaveable make them extremely practical. Additionally, their environmentally friendly materials and handmade porcelain production offer a nature-friendly option.

Modern Design and Minimalist Approach

Esma Dereboy's mugs provide a minimalist appearance with a modern design approach. These mugs stand out with clean lines, elegant details, and simple colour options, adding sophistication and elegance to your table while creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Moreover, their minimalist approach ensures compatibility with any table setting, making them an important part of your table setup.

Functionality and Practical Use

Esma Dereboy's mugs shine not only in terms of aesthetics but also with their functionality. Their dishwasher-safe feature makes cleaning easy, providing a significant advantage for daily use. Additionally, being microwave-safe offers a practical option for heating or preparing beverages.

Environmentally Friendly Materials and Handmade Production

Esma Dereboy mugs category is produced from environmentally friendly materials, representing a respectful approach to nature. Each mug is meticulously crafted with handmade porcelain, resulting in a high-quality product. This ensures durability and long-lasting use of the mugs.

Mix&Match Approach

Esma Dereboy's mugs easily complement other table accessories with a mix&match approach. Personalized table arrangements can be created by combining different colour options, allowing users the freedom to reflect their own style. Thus, they make dining tables more personalized.

Various Mug Options

Esma Dereboy's mugs category offers various options in sizes and shapes. Large mugs can be used for serving hot beverages, while small mugs are suitable for serving coffee or tea. This diversity provides solutions suitable for different needs and preferences.

Complete Your Dining Table with Esma Dereboy Mugs

Esma Dereboy's mugs stand out with their modern designs, functionality, and environmentally friendly approach. Carefully designed, these mugs add elegance and functionality to your dining tables, while also allowing you to make an environmentally friendly choice. The mix&match options also enable you to reflect your personal style.

Our Collections

The collections in the mugs category of Esma Dereboy are as follows:

Capsule Collection

The meticulously crafted handmade mugs by Esma Dereboy offer a special experience with their aesthetic designs and ergonomic structures. The Capsule collection stands out with its dual design awards from the Red Dot Design Award 2022 and the IF Design Award 2022, emphasizing the quality and innovative approach of the collection.

The Capsule collection provides users with a unique experience with its proportionate and ergonomic design. Handmade mugs are designed with special form factors that ensure a comfortable grip and support the enjoyment of beverages. Each use combines elegance with ergonomics, bringing a pleasant moment.

The collection allows users to create their own special sets with the Mix & Match option. By combining different colours and forms, users can create a unique presentation. This unique option offers a creative way to express personal style.

Corinth Collection

The Corinth collection successfully carries echoes of architectural styles. Drawing inspiration from the elegant forms and details of ancient Corinthian columns, it emphasizes the subtleties of aesthetics. With its forms and colors, it pays homage to ancient European culture. The collection evokes the colors of ancient times with its rich tones and sophisticated palettes, inviting you to the captivating atmosphere of the past.

Tube Collection

The Tube mug collection stands out with its simple and modern design. Its cylindrical shape combines the elegance of minimalism with ease of use. Each mug in this collection offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, promising users a visual feast and a comfortable experience.

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