If you want to combine elegance and practicality in your home, Esma Dereboy's decorative bowls may be just what you're looking for. Each meticulously designed and handcrafted decorative bowls add warmth and sophistication to your home while also offering functionality.

Perfect Balance of Aesthetics and Functionality: Decorative Bowls

Each bowl in Esma Dereboy's decorative bowls category has aesthetic appeal. Elegant details, eye-catching patterns, and various colour options harmonize with your home decor. You can choose from minimalist or more extravagant designs to find a bowl that suits your home's style and atmosphere.

Moreover, these bowls stand out visually and in terms of functionality. Because these bowls are ideal for placing your keys/other items or simply for decorative purposes. Bowls of various sizes and shapes offer solutions tailored to different needs.

Each bowl is the result of meticulous work by master craftsmen. These unique pieces, crafted by hand, are each a work of art. Moreover, each bowl has a unique character because each tells a different story.

Create Aesthetic Touches in Your Home with Esma Dereboy Decorative Bowls

Decorative bowls can be used in various areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. Decorative objects add character to your home and reflect your personal style. With Esma Dereboy decorative bowls, you can achieve elegance and aesthetics in every corner of your home.

Choose Esma Dereboy's decorative bowls to complete your home decor and add warmth to your home. These bowls, which offer both aesthetic and functional features, will help you create a unique atmosphere in your home. Moreover, these bowls, made of high-quality materials and meticulously designed, will add elegance and sophistication to every corner of your home.

Our Collections

In our decorative bowls collection, you can find a product that suits your style.

Yas Collection: Inspired by the Texture of Nature

Esma Dereboy's Yas collection adds peace and natural elegance to your home, inspired by the texture of nature. Each bowl is designed with organic forms and natural tones. This brings tranquility and a sense of peace to your home. The Yas collection brings natural elegance and inner peace to your living spaces while ensuring harmony with natural elements in your home decor.

Snoha Collection: Modern and Stylish Designs

The Snoha collection offers a contemporary touch to your home with its modern and stylish designs. Handmade bowls with clean lines and minimalist style offer elegant aesthetics and complete the decorative arrangement in your home. Each bowl offers a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance, adding a modern touch to your home.

Saf Collection: Natural and Pure Beauty

The Saf collection brings natural and pure beauty to your home. Emphasizing the importance of natural elegance and simple beauty, it provides a sense of natural elegance and tranquility in your home.

Mevlâna Collection: Traces of Divine Love

The Mevlâna collection brings traces of divine love and a mystical atmosphere to your home. The bowls in this collection are designed inspired by the teachings of Mevlâna and add a mystical touch to your home. Thus, each bowl transforms your living spaces into places of deep spiritual values and inner peace.

LevnaLevn Collection: Vibrant and Colourful Designs

The LevnaLevn collection brings joy and energy to your home with its vibrant and colourful designs. Bowls that combine bold colours and striking patterns enliven your home's atmosphere and spread positive energy. Each bowl provides a colourful touch and a fun look to your home.

If Collection: Modern and Geometric Lines

The If collection adds a contemporary touch to your home with bowls designed with modern and geometric lines. Bowls in this collection stand out with their interesting shapes and sharp lines. This adds dynamism to your home decor. Each bowl strengthens the atmosphere of your home with its modern style and aesthetic design.

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