Esma Dereboy's tea saucers category is ready to add a special touch to your table with the elegance of handmade porcelain, eco-friendly designs, colour harmonies, and combinable features! This unique collection where tea and elegance come together will make you feel like you're in a dream with every sip. Choosing ideal tea saucers to enjoy every moment will also nourish your soul.

Handmade Elegance: Tea Saucers

Esma Dereboy's handmade tea saucers are like works of art skillfully crafted by artisans. Each one carefully selected porcelain material meets gracefully to create an elegant touch with delicacy. These special products are not just products; they are an expression of a lifestyle.

Elegant Design

The saucers reflect Esma Dereboy's elegant design understanding. Designed with every detail in mind, these products achieve perfection aesthetically. With their delicate craftsmanship and stylish appearance, they harmonize with any environment.

Personalized Experience

The Mix&Match option offers a personalized experience with Esma Dereboy tea saucers, allowing users to easily create their desired colour and shape combinations. This enables everyone to have their own special tea set that reflects their style and taste.

Superior Durability

Esma Dereboy tea saucers stand out not only for their elegant appearance but also for their durability. Being suitable for microwave, oven, and dishwasher use, they provide practical use in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Thanks to these features, they can be used with pleasure for many years.

Part of Special Moments

Esma Dereboy's tea saucers make ordinary moments special. With these elegant products, the pleasure of tea or coffee turns into a ritual. Enjoying the taste of the drink also means experiencing an aesthetic delight. Each use makes your special moments even more meaningful.

Elevate your tea pleasure with Esma Dereboy, adding meaning to each tea cup!

Perfect Gift Idea

Esma Dereboy tea saucers are one of the most special gifts that can be given to your loved ones. These products, where elegance and delicacy meet, not only offer a stylish gift option visually but also make the recipients feel special.

Our Collections

Esma Dereboy's handmade tea saucers are unique products where elegance meets delicacy. Each plate, masterfully crafted, is an expression of a lifestyle.

Give Esma Dereboy's tea saucers a chance to make your special moments even more meaningful and enjoy the elegance.

Capsule Collection

Esma Dereboy's carefully crafted handmade tea saucers stand out with an aesthetic design and ergonomic structures, offering a unique experience. The Capsule collection stands out with its double design award from the Red Dot Design Award 2022 and the IF Design Award 2022. This highlights the quality and innovative approach of the collection.

The Capsule collection offers users a personalized experience with its proportional and ergonomic design. Handmade tea saucers are designed with special form factors that provide a comfortable grip and support enjoying the drink. Each use combines elegance with ergonomics to bring a pleasant memory.

With the Mix&Match option, users can create their own special sets. At the same time, they can create unique presentations by bringing together different colours and shapes. This unique option offers a creative way to express your personal style.

Tube Collection

The Tube collection is a collection that stands out with its simple and modern design. Its cylindrical form combines the elegance of minimalism with ease of use. Each tea saucer and plate in this series offers a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Thus, it promises users a visual feast and a comfortable experience.

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