Home lighting is one of the important elements that determine the atmosphere of our living spaces. Esma Dereboy's lampshades collection completely changes your lighting experience by bringing elegance and sophistication to your home!

Expression of Elegance and Sophistication in Home Lighting – Lampshades

Esma Dereboy's lampshades category adds value to your home decoration with its stunning designs. Each lampshade instantly changes the atmosphere of your room, creating a more inviting and warm environment.

Elegant Designs and Aesthetic Details

Esma Dereboy lampshades stand out visually and in terms of functionality. They provide a comfortable environment by illuminating your room at the desired intensity. You can find the one that suits your home's needs by choosing from lampshades of different sizes and shapes.

Each one of the lampshades attracts attention with its elegant design and aesthetic details. Adorned with various patterns, textures, and colours crafted with fine workmanship, these lampshades add a graceful touch to your home decor. They also enchant your room's atmosphere, making it magical.

Each lampshade is made from high-quality materials. Handmade ceramic lampshades provide long-lasting use. You can confidently use these unique artisan lampshades to meet your home's lighting needs.

Various Usage Areas and Compatibility

Lampshades are important elements that complement your home decor. They change the atmosphere of your room by adding an elegant touch. Whether you have a classic or modern style, you can reflect your taste by completing your home decoration with Esma Dereboy lampshades.

Esma Dereboy lampshades are compatible with various usage areas. They can be used in different spaces such as the living room, bedroom, study room, or lounge. Moreover, you can find lampshades in various styles that match your home decor.

Rediscover your home lighting experience with Esma Dereboy lampshades. With their elegant designs, functional usage, and high-quality materials, they add warmth and sophistication to your home while providing the lighting solutions you need. Each of the lampshades allows you to create a special atmosphere in your home and enjoy delightful moments.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Approach

Esma Dereboy is a brand that adopts an innovative and eco-friendly approach to production, aiming to be environmentally conscious. Sustainable materials are used in the manufacturing of the lampshades, while waste is kept to a minimum level. This way, you beautify your home while also remembering your responsibility to the environment.

Our Lampshades Collection

Esma Dereboy lampshades redefine your home lighting with their elegant designs, creating an aesthetic atmosphere. Esma Dereboy lampshades, will become an indispensable part of your home decor, add value to your home, and offer unforgettable moments.

These special lampshades, which are 100% handmade ceramic, are presented to you in two different collections. These special collections are as follows:

Snoha Lampshades Collection: The Radiance of Modern Elegance

Esma Dereboy's Snoha lampshades collection brings the radiance of modern elegance to your home. These lampshades with clean lines attract attention with their minimalist designs, adding a contemporary touch to your home. Each lampshade illuminates your room with soft and inviting light, while also providing an aesthetic appearance. The Snoha collection is the choice for those looking for elegance and completes your home decor in a modern style.

Yas Lampshades Collection: Find Peace in the Silence of Nature

Esma Dereboy's Yas lampshades collection allows you to find peace in the silence of nature. With their natural tones and organic forms, these lampshades bring natural elegance and tranquility to your home. Each lampshade enhances your room with a peaceful atmosphere and soft light, increasing your inner peace. The Yas collection is a perfect choice for those who want a decoration in harmony with nature and transforms the atmosphere of your home into natural beauty.

These special and unique lampshades are made of 100% handmade ceramic material. This ensures that each lampshade has a unique character. Every detail shaped by hand craftsmanship adds a unique aesthetic to your home. It also evokes a sense of natural and organic feeling.

Esma Dereboy's handmade ceramic lampshades are visually impressive and emotionally satisfying. Each piece is carefully designed to transform the atmosphere of your home and provide an extraordinary lighting experience. These lampshades add elegance and character to your home while allowing you to experience the warmth and uniqueness of handmade ceramics.

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