For an aesthetic experience combined with the unique taste and aroma of coffee, espresso sets with special box are the perfect choice. Meticulously designed in every detail, these sets have become an indispensable piece for coffee enthusiasts. Esma Dereboy, blending traditional coffee enjoyment with modern touches, brings together elegance and functionality, making the coffee experience unique. Whether at home or in the office, espresso sets with special box are a magnificent option for those who want to elevate their coffee enjoyment to the highest level.

Personalized Coffee Enjoyment

 Esma Dereboy espresso sets with special box offer the perfect option for coffee enthusiasts to personalize their experiences. Each cup is meticulously handcrafted and designed to make your coffee experience unique. Thus, drinking a cup of coffee becomes an extraordinary experience.

The Combination of Aesthetics and Durability

These handmade porcelain espresso cups, each carefully crafted, not only offer top-level performance in terms of delicacy but also terms of durability. These elegant cups stand out with both their eye-catching colours and durable structure. Complementary saucers complete your set with a holistic aesthetic. Every detail of finesse and quality is Esma Dereboy's signature.

Unique Gifting Experience with Special Box Sets

If you want to give your loved ones a unique gift, Esma Dereboy's espresso sets with special boxes are just what you're looking for! Because these sets offer an elegant option that will delight your loved ones. These aesthetic and chic sets, which you can present to your loved ones on special occasions or special moments, will be a unique gift for coffee enthusiasts!

Esma Dereboy offers an ideal gifting option for espresso sets with special box. The special sponge-lined box of each set attracts attention with its elegant design. Additionally, with its stylish gift packaging, it allows you to provide a unique experience to your loved ones. Esma Dereboy makes your gift shopping easier with its recommendations and offers the most suitable options for your loved ones. The gift choices recommended by Esma Dereboy bring together elegance and sophistication.

Our Collections

Esma Dereboy's espresso sets with special box bring together aesthetics and durability, capturing the hearts of coffee enthusiasts. These cups, which make each sip special, take your coffee experience to a completely new level. If you are looking for a special gift option for yourself or your loved ones, Esma Dereboy's espresso cups will always be the right choice.

Collections you can choose from in our espresso cups category:

Capsule Collection

The Capsule collection, which won double design awards from Red Dot Design Award 2022 and IF Design Award 2022, is a unique design marvel that takes your coffee enjoyment away from the ordinary. With its proportional and ergonomic design, it makes references to today's minimalistic lifestyle.

The smooth texture of the matte surface evokes naturalness. The Mix&Match concept in colour options gives users the freedom to create different combinations. Each cup, inspired by the outer contours of a capsule, adds variety to daily life with its contoured curves and creative colours.

Touch of Leather Collection

The Touch of Leather espresso cup collection offers a unique experience with coffee cups enriched with natural leather details. The natural leather details added to each product add a warm atmosphere and contribute to a contemporary style to the collection.

These cups, specially designed for coffee lovers, emphasize not only the coffee you drink but also the presentation. Natural leather details allow you to establish a special connection by touching and feeling the cups.

Tube Collection

Esma Dereboy's meticulously handmade espresso cups are designed to add a luxurious touch to your daily coffee experience. The Tube collection offers the perfect combination of elegance and aesthetics with its unique colours and perfectly matching saucers.

Figures Collection

Esma Dereboy's figures espresso cup collection, which is a special design, is the key to taking your coffee experience one step further and adding a unique touch to your table. Each figure, carefully designed by handcrafting, adds an elegant atmosphere to the cup.

This figures series, which you can personalize, is designed to offer a unique experience. You can now choose your figure. Thus, you can reflect on the figure you have chosen.

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