Esma Dereboy's dessert plates stand out as a reflection of elegance and aesthetics in the world of the kitchen. Each meticulously designed and expertly crafted dessert plate not only presents cakes but also emphasizes the importance of taste and visual appeal. Esma Dereboy's products dazzle with their original designs while also earning admiration for their quality materials and craftsmanship. These salvers, completing cake presentations, add elegance and refinement to tables while making the taste experience unique.

Elegance of Handmade Porcelain: Dessert Plates

Esma Dereboy's handmade porcelain dessert plates are meticulously crafted and thoughtfully designed. Each one, shaped with special care by expert hands, is a perfect reflection of elegance and luxury on your tables.

Made from 100% handmade porcelain material, the Esma Dereboy dessert plate is a choice that reflects your environmental sensitivity. These salvers, made with natural and sustainable materials, combine luxury with environmental friendliness.

Embracing the Mix&Match approach, Esma Dereboy dessert plates offer the joy of adding a personal touch to your tables with different colour and form combinations. They provide a wide range of options to reflect your style.

Practical Use and Cleaning

Their easy stackability provides convenience in storage and organization. Additionally, Esma Dereboy dessert plates are suitable for use in dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves. With these features, they offer a practical experience in both cleaning and use.

Esma Dereboy dessert plate is not only for cake presentation but also an ideal option for serving snacks, fruits, and coffee. Their versatile use allows you to make creative presentations and add a unique touch to your tables.

Our Collections

Our dessert plate collections:

Stone: Modern Expression of Natural Elegance

Esma Dereboy's stone dessert plate is where modern and contemporary design meets natural elegance. These salvers, distinguished by their amorphous shapes, offer a natural and organic aesthetic. Made from handmade porcelain material, Esma Dereboy stone dessert plates offer an eco-friendly option. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for those who add naturalness to their elegance.


Square: Expression of Geometric Elegance

Esma Dereboy's square dessert plate is representative of simple and geometric elegance. These salvers stand out with their clear lines and modern appearance. Therefore, they are a perfect choice for a sophisticated presentation. Offered in single-colour or double-colour options, Esma Dereboy square dessert plates are one of the most elegant ways to add a modern touch to your table.


Round: Expression of Classic Elegance

Esma Dereboy's round dessert plate offers classic and timeless elegance. These salvers, distinguished by their round lines and balanced structures, are ideal for all kinds of dessert presentations. Offered in single-colour or double-colour options, the Esma Dereboy round dessert plate is the key to a sophisticated presentation. Because it instantly transforms your table into a dazzling one.


Single Colour: Expression of Simplicity in Elegance

Esma Dereboy's single colour dessert plate is the most beautiful expression of simplicity in elegance. These salvers, each offered in a single colour, offer a perfect combination of minimalism and elegance. Esma Dereboy single-colour dessert plates, one of the easiest ways to add a simple and elegant touch to your tables, are a perfect choice for all kinds of presentations.


Double Colour: Aesthetics of Contrast

Esma Dereboy's double colour dessert plate is a stylish and modern option reflecting the aesthetic power of contrast. Offered in different colour combinations, these salvers add a dynamic look to your table while bringing originality to your presentations. Esma Dereboy double-colour dessert plate is an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated style.

Esma Dereboy dessert plates are waiting for you for the most elegant scene of sweet flavours!

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