Esma Dereboy's espresso saucers category, specially designed to meet the needs of coffee enthusiasts, enhances your coffee experience with aesthetic designs and practical features. This elegant collection is filled with meticulously crafted handmade works!

Aesthetic Journey of Taste with Espresso Saucers

Esma Dereboy's espresso saucers offer a collection that stands out with meticulously crafted and original designs. Each saucer is made from high-quality materials and expertly crafted, combining elegant aesthetics with sturdy construction. Additionally, with different color and design options, a variety that appeals to every taste and style is offered.

Various Design Options

Esma Dereboy's espresso saucers category offers users a wide range of options with different design series. Saucers in each series stand out with various aesthetic approaches such as figurative, minimalist, textured, or patterned. Thus, users have the freedom to choose the most suitable saucers for their style and space.

Quality Material and Fine Craftsmanship

Esma Dereboy uses the highest quality materials and pays great attention to detail in the production of espresso saucers. Thus, elegance and durability are brought together. Each saucer is specially designed for long-lasting use.

Personalization with Mix&Match Option

The espresso saucers category offers a personalized experience with the Mix&Match option. You can create your special coffee set with colour and pattern combinations. Thus, you can organize your coffee service entirely according to your personal preferences.

From Daily Use to Special Events

Esma Dereboy espresso saucers offer a wide range of uses from your daily coffee enjoyment to special events. These saucers, which combine elegance and functionality, make your coffee experience special at every moment.

Esma Dereboy's espresso saucers combine aesthetics with practical use, offering coffee lovers a refined experience. Each cup and saucer is designed to share a special moment or simply to be the perfect companion to your coffee enjoyment.

Our Collections

Esma Dereboy's handmade espresso saucers offer coffee lovers a unique experience with their special designs and elegant touches. The Capsule, Figures, Corinth, and Tube collections each stand out with their unique style, making your coffee experience even more special.

Complete your coffee enjoyment with Esma Dereboy's unique designs and add an elegant touch to every moment.

Capsule Collection: Modern Lines, Minimalist Elegance

The Capsule collection brings minimalist elegance with modern lines to espresso saucers. The saucers in this collection combine elegant details and simple designs to bring contemporary aesthetics to your coffee experience. When paired with matching espresso cups, the saucers in the collection create a perfect harmony.

Figures Collection: Art and Aesthetics Meet

The Figures collection adds an artistic touch to espresso cups. Complementary saucers allow you to create a visual feast.

Corinth Collection: Classic and Rich Details

The Corinth Collection offers traditional aesthetics with classic and rich details to espresso cups. The espresso saucers in this collection, designed with exquisite patterns and elegant touches, turn your coffee ritual into a luxurious experience. The Corinth collection adds a classic and elegant atmosphere to your table along with its matching cups.

Tube Collection: Make a Difference with Modern Lines

Esma Dereboy's meticulously crafted Tube collection is designed to add an elegant touch to your daily coffee ritual. Each saucer is made from expertly crafted 100% handmade porcelain. This emphasizes the uniqueness and quality of each product.

Like in other collections, in the Tube collection, you can create a coffee experience that reflects your style by choosing from different colour and pattern options.

Esma Dereboy invites you on an aesthetic journey with coffee cups and matching saucers. Personalize your coffee ritual, and add an unforgettable touch to your special moments with each cup and saucer!

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