If you want to adorn your dining table with a sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere suitable for daily use, Esma Dereboy's multi-purpose cups are perfect for you! This special collection combines elegance and naturalness to make your dining experience extraordinary.

Personal Touches with Mix&Match  

Esma Dereboy's multi-purpose cups allow you to create unique colour and form combinations with the Mix&Match option. You can now customize every detail on your dining table according to your style and create unique presentations.

Versatile Usage: From Beverages to Snacks  

These multi-purpose cups offer an excellent option not only for beverages but also for salads, snacks, and desserts. Esma Dereboy's designs expand the usage area by responding to different needs. Thus, you can make every meal special and experience both practicality and elegance at the same time.

Leader in Sustainability: Esma Dereboy's Eco-Friendly Approach  

Esma Dereboy prefers eco-friendly materials alongside elegance and functionality. Thus, it adopts a sustainable approach. These cups offer a colourful option that enriches your daily life while also preserving nature.

Wide Range of Colour Options  

Multi-purpose cups stand out by offering users a wide range of colour options that suit their personal preferences. In each series, users are presented with different design alternatives with double-colour and single-colour options.

Double-colour options add a dynamic touch to the cups while also enhancing visual appeal. Different colour combinations liven up the atmosphere of your dining table. Moreover, the Mix&Match feature allows you to create personal touches, enabling you to achieve a unique presentation.

On the other hand, single-colour options provide an ideal choice for those seeking simple and minimalist aesthetics. Reflecting the power of elegance, single-coloured cups add a simple elegance to the dining table while balancing the overall atmosphere of the space. This option is perfect for situations where users prefer minimal design and simple elegance.

In summary; Esma Dereboy's multi-purpose cup collection enriched with double-colour and single-colour options appeals to every taste. Thus, it offers users a unique and personal experience.

Series Reflecting Original Design Approach  

Each series offers users a wide range of options, reflecting Esma Dereboy's original design approach. Choosing the most suitable style to personalize your dining table is a great opportunity.

Tube Conic Series: Expression of Modern Finery 

The Tube Conic series reflects an elegant and modern design approach. This adds a contemporary touch to your dining table. With its slim and conical form, these glasses stand out, not only presenting beverages delightfully but also adding a sophisticated ambiance to your table.

Capsule Series: Minimalist Elegance  

The Capsule series stands out with its minimalist design, creating a simple and elegant atmosphere. With clean lines and carefully selected materials, these glasses not only elevate your beverages but also add elegance to your table. The Capsule series is an ideal choice for those who appreciate simplicity.

Touch of Leather Series: Natural Touch  

Esma Dereboy's Touch of Leather series adds a natural touch of elegance. Enriched with leather details, these glasses blend modern design with natural leather. Designed to make each sip special, the Touch of Leather series makes your dining table warm and inviting.

Colour Wave Series: Colourful Touch of Elegance  

The Colour Wave collection brings together three different colour combinations to create a new pattern and composition. Each product features a different artistic touch, offering users a visual feast. This collection strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing a unique experience with every use.

Add Esma Dereboy's touch to your dining table, and create both an eye-catching and practical atmosphere with multi-purpose cups!

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