Yuvarlak Yemek Tabağı Colour Wave
Yuvarlak Yemek Tabağı Colour Wave

Round Dınner Plate Colour Wave (YVT04AR0000S1_D01I0903)

Price : $ 83.00
Round Dınner Plate Colour Wave Round Dınner Plate Colour Wave

Enhance the elegance and natural ambiance of your dining table with our daily-use, sustainable, and eco-friendly tableware. With our Mix&Match option, you can create unique combinations of colors and shapes, allowing for truly exceptional dining experiences. Dinner plates are ideal not just for main courses but also for breakfast, snacks, and appetizers. With their aesthetic designs and versatile use, they can elegantly complete your table setting for every meal.


In the 'Colour Wave' collection, three different colors are combined to create a new pattern and composition. The compositions vary with each product, depending on a new artistic touch.


  • %100 handmade porcelain
  • The inner surface of the plate is shiny, the outer surface is matt
  • Easy-stackable
  • It is suitable for use in a dishwasher, oven, and microwave


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