What is a Cookie?


A cookie is a small data storage file that is saved on your computer, mobile device, or another device when you visit a website.

This file stores information about your website navigation, allowing your devices to remember this data when you revisit the website.

By doing so, it enables you to use the website more easily and efficiently.


Why Do We Use Cookies?


We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website and customize our products more effectively according to your interests and needs.

Cookies are also used to expedite future activities and experiences on our site, ensuring the legal and commercial security of both you and our company.

Furthermore, we use cookies to gather statistical data that helps us understand how people use our sites and assist us in improving our website content.


What Types of Cookies Do We Use?


We use two types of cookies on our website: session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are stored on your device until you leave the website.

Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are stored on your device for a longer period until you delete them.


How Can You Control or Delete Cookies?


Many web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default.

To prevent the use of cookies, you need to modify the settings of your internet browser.

These changes may vary depending on the device and internet browser you use.

For detailed instructions on how to adjust your browser settings, please refer to your browser's instructions or help screen.

If you disable the cookies we use, you may not be able to access personalized information when you revisit our website.

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