Tube Kupa Colour Wave
Tube Kupa Colour Wave
Tube Kupa Colour Wave

Tube Mug Colour Wave (TMG01AR0000S1_030901)

Price : $ 61.00
Tube Mug Colour Wave Tube Mug Colour Wave

Esma Dereboy's meticulously crafted handmade mugs stand out with their ergonomic designs and aesthetic appearances, offering a special experience for coffee and tea enthusiasts. With the Mix&Match option, you can personalize your own set with customizable color and shape combinations, allowing you to create unique presentations.


In the 'Colour Wave' collection, three different colors are combined to create a new pattern and composition. The compositions vary with each product, depending on a new artistic touch.


  • %100 handmade porcelain
  • The inner surface of the mug is shiny, the outer surface is matt
  • It is dishwasher safe


%100 Handmade
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products
The delivery date may vary depending on stock availability.
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